When you meet someone new it just takes a fraction of a second to form a fairly detailed and usually accurate opinion of that person.  Once that opinion is formed, it’s next to impossible to change.  Well guess what: websites are no different.  When someone lands on your website that first fraction of a second is a critical moment.  It determines whether they like your site or not and often if they’ll stay or leave.  Yes, first impressions matter, so your website better have that wow factor.  We’ll professionally design your site and make sure it engages visitors immediately to keep them coming back for more.  Now that’s wow.



Using technology to build custom software solutions for business is how Tekyz got started over 10 years ago and remains at the core of our business today. Our software development company delivers custom websites, highly professional web and mobile apps for our clients across all kinds of industries that will make your competition green with envy. We manage the entire development process from requirements gathering and definition to the successful delivery and deployment so you can focus on your business opportunities. We’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure your software solution is custom-tailored to your specific needs and your customers have a superior product. And once your system is deployed, we’ll provide the ongoing support you need to remain successful.



These days not having a mobile presence was like not having a website a few years back. The continued success of your business now depends on being mobile. We help you define your ideal mobile strategy and determine if you need a mobile app or just a responsive design or both. With expertise in App design, iPhone App Development, Android App Development, and mobile enterprise, we’ll develop custom mobile applications for business and games across all popular platforms.



Successfully engaging your audience through digital marketing can be the difference between death by obscurity and a winning business. Many think that digital marketing is just posting content on Facebook and Twitter, but it’s really much more. It’s about leveraging all the appropriate social channels through a coordinated effort that builds brand awareness, social momentum and most importantly, lots and lots of targeted traffic. When done right, your business dominates the first page of Google while building a positive fortress around your brand to insulate you against competitors. We know how to make this happen through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, planned and integrated into your project from the start. Our goal is to help you achieve social brand awareness before launch and continues to increase momentum thereafter.



Many of the services we provide came about from our customers’ requests. Cloud Hosting is one of those services. Our Cloud hosting delivers fast and secure network connectivity for Apache web servers, Mean Stack hosting, NGINX web server, Ubuntu servers, Virtual Private Server, VPS hosting, WAMP servers, and more. Our promise of superior technology solutions allows you more time to focus on your business rather than technology.



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