Tekyz is a custom software development company serving its customers for more than 10 years. We have forged many long term partnerships with many of our clients requiring Custom Software. The team at Tekyz is made up of Senior Resources that have led the way though many software revolutions over last two decades. Our collective work encompasses small, medium and enterprise business software solutions deployed across a variety of web, mobile and desktop platforms. Tekyz, a full stack development company, leverages our experience by building software foundation’s using the latest software development technology stacks, resulting in system that complete quickly with outstanding performance.


Tekyz was an early adopter of scrum development methodology. Scrum is a modern team approach to iterative software development, originally pioneered by the Agile methodology. Our customers continually remark on how productive and nimble our approach is to custom software development. Scrum is an iterative and evolving process that lets you and your team participate at every stage of the project lifecycle to guide and influence the visual design, user experience, database design and overall system functionality to align perfectly with your unique vision.
We will help you turn your ideas into a winning business by combining our software development services with our digital marketing services and fully managed cloud-based web hosting services.
Tekyz builds web and mobile software solutions using the latest technology stacks.
Full Stack Development
The Tekyz builds software systems that look exception, perform with excellence, feels natural, and are obvious and effortless to use.  To accomplish this, we work with and coordinate many technologies and technical disciplines that work together as a whole.  The combination of these various technologies that work together to produce a single system is called “Full Stack Development”.  The technology stacks we work with include:
  • MEAN Stack
    • Development Languages: (Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular.js)
    • Database:  MongoDB, Neo4J, Couchbase, Redis
  • LAMP Stack
    • Development Languages:  PHP,
    • Database:  MySQL
  • WAMP Stack
    • Development Languages:
    • Database:  SQL Server
  • Mobile Stacks:
    • Ionic
    • Cordova
    • IOS Native
    • Android Native
  • Testing automation
  • Deployment automation
  • Continuous integration automation
  • Cloud production deployment including:
    • Amazon Cloud
    • Google Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud
    • Others

Agile Development and Scrum

Agile development is a lightweight software engineering framework that relies on iterative development throughout the life-cycle of a project. It is hands-down the fastest and best way to develop software today. We employ scrum framework with an agile development process to insure our products accomplish more than just on-time delivery while staying within budget.

Utilizing the iterative design functionality concepts of agile, a minimum viable product is defined and produced as the initial version of the application. It’s our experience that design requirements often change, and by being able to evaluate a minimum application, the expense of having to make massive changes to the full application is spared.

Additionally, by being able to get access to the first version faster, it’s able to start to produce a return on your investment quicker.

Enterprise Development
Enterprise Development encompasses the software systems developed to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than that of an individual or small group with an idea. Organizations include major corporations, clubs, charities, schools and government and the software systems developed are generally more sophisticated than what an individual or small group would want. Accounting, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, scheduling, and HR management are examples of the Enterprise systems. The partners of Tekyz cut their teeth on Enterprise Development working with large corporations including American Express and Texas Instruments and are well-suited to build your Enterprise software.

Ecommerce & Business Solutions
If you’re selling goods and services online, then you need an ecommerce solution that works on mobile devices just as well as it works on your website. The shopping cart technology must be quick and easy to understand; straightforward to use; and checkout has to be fast and efficient otherwise you run the risk of your customers bailing out of the checkout process. You’ll also want to accept all forms of payments like credit cards and PayPal so your customers have a variety of payment options. Your ecommerce solution must be private and secure too so your customers have no doubt their personal data is protected. Financial transactions need to be authenticated, data and communications encrypted, and security technologies such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) need to be implemented. Last but not least, you’ll want to send your customers reminders when they still have items in their cart but still haven’t yet completed their order. This capability is often overlooked but can really boosts sales.

More than likely you’ll want other business functionality as part of your overall solution. If so, you’re faced with the choice of build or buy. Often there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Many vendors offer business functionality that can be purchased. Other vendors have developed their software as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. SaaS is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by the vendor and made available to their clients over the Internet via a subscription (typically a monthly fee). There are plenty of business solutions that can be purchased and seamlessly integrated into your web and mobile app at a fraction of the cost of building it. Tekyz has in-depth experience with numerous business solutions to help solve your business needs and problems. We’re experienced too in helping our customers in the build vs. buy decision and will recommend the best, most cost-effective solution.

The following are few examples where it is definitely better to buy than build. These software solutions are typically offered as a SaaS model too.

Shopping Cart Technology is software that functions as the companies’ online catalog. The Shopping Cart to be integrated into your website and mobile app. Customers are able to view and select goods and services; review what they have selected; modify or add to their order; and purchase the merchandise they’ve selected.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps companies better communicate with their customers and manage / analyze the interactions with those customers. An important goal or CRM is improving customer relationships. Sales Force offers a SaaS solution for this.

Call Center Application integrates call-center functions such as chat and email, inbound call routing, IVR (interactive voice response), and workforce management. LiveOps Contact Center Application Suite offers a SaaS solution for this.

Dropbox offers a SaaS solution for secure file sharing and storage.

Smartsheet is a project management collaboration tool where team members can share their work. Smartsheet makes it easy to invite people anywhere and for team members to collaborate on the details and status of the project. Smartsheet is a SaaS based solution.

Tekyz is all about helping clients be successful. Whether developing custom software or assisting clients in selecting the right software, we’re here to help.

Desktop Applications
These days most applications are developed as a web or mobile app. There are times though when a desktop application is needed. A desktop application is software that runs on laptop or desktop computer as opposed to web app that requires a web browser to run. Certain products like a media player or accounting software just work better as a desktop app. Tekyz can help you decide whether you want a web, mobile or desktop app and then develop the best damn app in the business.