Software Development rux style

Software Development RUX Style

RUX (Rich User Experience): Custom programming doesn’t always result in either beautiful or easy to use applications. Have you ever navigated to a great looking website or downloaded a cool looking mobile app only to find it confusing to learn or difficult to use? How about the reverse? Have you ever found yourself in front of a website or mobile app that’s easy to use but visually unattractive? Whether the problem is unattractive visuals or poor usability, your chances of you becoming a loyal customer are greatly reduced, and the possibility of making referrals to your friends is even less likely. Great software must be visually engaging, highly interactive and well-engineered for its target audience, resulting in a Rich User Experience (RUX) that engenders loyalty among its customers, movitating them to tell everyone they know.

Design + User Engineering

At Tekyz, we excel at combining stunning/engaging designs with software engineered for a high level of usability in every internet and mobile application we develop. Our usability engineering expertise transforms your requirements into a system that flows in the most efficient manner possible, facilitating your users as they navigate through the system. Our stunning designs create engaging and interactive systems that attract your target audience.

Web-based software applications that embody these traits are called Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIAs bring the usability and power of desktop functionality to the web while creating a rich interactive experience for the user. RIAs also leverage mash up capabilities that make systems highly usable and interactive.

Mobile applications that embody similar traits are called Rich Mobile Application (RMA’s). RMAs are characterized by their convenience of mobile functionality, their ease of use of software engineered with its target audience in mind, their interactive nature and their stunning and engaging designs. RMAs also leverage the virtually infinite resources available from the internet, often becoming an extension of a larger web-based system.
It’s Your Knowledge That Counts

To create highly usable web or mobile applications that are as attractive to their target audience as they are easy to use requires the combination of your customer experience and domain expertise with our design and engineering skills. You are the experts about your business. By leveraging your expertise during the design and user engineering phase of each project, Tekyz can produce beautiful, engaging designs that support your business objectives and deliver the value your customers need. That’s what we mean when we say our aim is to deliver awesome software.