More people now access the Internet from their mobile device than from their desktop computer checking their smartphone 150 or more times a day. It’s clear to see why it’s important than ever to have a mobile presence to go along with your website. The first step is a responsive design so your website looks as good on smartphone or tablet as it does on your desktop computer. To make a bigger splash though, you may want to consider a mobile app go along with responsive design. A mobile app is software designed and developed specifically for use on mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, and Window devices. Most of the first mobile apps were games, but now many business applications are being developed for mobile devices.

Mobile Design Design for mobile is a challenge since the screen real estate on a mobile device is much smaller than a desktop monitor. At Tekyz, we have an experienced group of professionals who take design very seriously. When Tekyz designs software, we employ a combination of art and logic into the design that takes into account the real estate differences so it looks outstanding regardless of the mobile device. We also study Design Rules & Trends, watch the UX statics, explore new processes and stay informed about great systems around.

Mobile Development
Tekyz works with all the state of the art technologies and makes sure that your apps perform well, be it iOS, Android or Hybrid Apps. Additionally, Google has begun penalizing websites that not show nicely on the Mobile Devices. We make sure you won’t be penalized.

Mobile Considerations

  • So you want an app, but which one. Should it be Apple, Android or Windows? Here are some key points to consider:
  • What is the target audience of your app? If your market is developing nations then go for Android. If your market is developed nations, then iOS is your better choice. If budget isn’t the major concern, then go for both Apple and Android.
  • What kind of an app is it? If it’s mostly smartphone you might want to go for Andorid because it has the major share. If it’s mostly tablet based then the iPad is the winner, so iOS is the choice. Again if budget isn’t the major concern then go for both Apple and Android.
  • Is it going to be a paid app? If yes, then understand Apple users spend 4x on apps as much as Android users.
  • Should you develop for Windows? Windows doesn’t have a sizable market share yet, so you go leave that to a subsequent launch after your app is profitable. As always though, if your budget allows if then develop for Windows too.