Patrick Murray from Controlhaus Systems Design in Germany, interviews David Hirschfeld about developing custom software, how to be successful as a software entrepreneur, visualization, scalability and other hot topics.

Patrick Murray from Controlhaus Systems Design in Germany, interviews David Hirschfeld about the following topics:

  • Who has the best chance of becoming successful:  Knowledge of industry is a good indicator of potential success. Knowing the end customer and distribution channels is important.Knowing the market is not so important – that will be learned through the development process.
  • Target your development and marketing:  The Business Canvas is a 9 step process that can help determine the initial features of an app should be.
  • Visualize it first:  Creating functional prototypes that really represent the finished product (as opposed to wireframes) before writing any code, always exposes new requirements that are less expensive to implement in a prototype than finished code.
  • Prototypes are documentation:  Other benefits of the prototype includes having a clear description for the developers and a working demo to show potential customers.
  • Budget for the future:  When planning a software product, make sure there is a budget for development of future versions based on user feedback from the initial version.  Software products are never done because if you stop developing and marketing, customers and revenue will fall off.
  • Technology decisions:  When choosing technologies, consider how data is stored and related, if scalability is important  (it’s probably not).

Mentioned In This Interview…

Texas Instruments, Allied Signal, Intel, Motorola, Tekyz, Zapier, Google Sheets, https://leanstack.com/leancanvas/https://www.axure.com, SQL, node.js. Redis, ElasticSearch, Mimo Monitors, Android, iOS, React Native, npm,